Daniela Zaharieva is a London-based digital artist with a background in experimental film. She primarily works in a video format, which varies between filming real environments and creating virtual worlds. Her work often challenges people to look at a situation or an issue from a different perspective. Daniela has most recently focused on creating immersive experiences that investigate psychological spaces and alternative realities, through the human psyche. Her projects use diverse methods of delivering these experiences, such as projection, sculpture, VR, sound and installation.

The main objective of her work is to lead people into a lived experience of a new intangible world which heightens their senses and challenges their perspective reality. Meanwhile the artwork she produces is always fluid and open to unique interpretation of the viewer as they become a part of the environment and join the protagonist on their journey/s.

Contact: daniela.zaharieva@gmail.com

Instagram: @danielaz.aharieva