Blue Esc.

Title: BLUE ESC.
Medium: Large Scale Projection of Audio Visual Composition

Blue Esc. Is a short-form experimental film which aims at creating an infinite psychological space through the use of blue light. By situating a character within this blue void, one gains an understanding and perspective of the imagined scale and intensity of what such an experience might entail.

Blue Esc. questions reality as we know it and allows the viewer to simultaneously experience the low-stimuli illumination of blue light being emitted through their screen and challenge their understanding of the presented psychological state. The state in question, as suggested by the frozen expression of the character, is one of the unconscious. It is almost as if the woman is hypnotised, yet equally aware of her surrounding, or even conflictingly a part of it. This conflict of being within or being a part of is taken further by the simplification of the piece exposed in its title which relates to an escape place within the blue, a waking sleep, a place of lucidity and tranquillity created by an existing uniquity within oneself. It is a reach for bliss.

The sound scape, composed by Matteo Shefford is a static composition, which compliments the visuals whilst contributing to the creation of depth and infinity within the psychological space presented. The electrical noise brings in connotations of simulation and unreality whilst also grounding the viewer through sound in the presented immaterial space.